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Is it possible to wash wallpaper?

Expanded and vinyl wallpaper are washable, as they are made up of a protective, water-resistant layer.

Watch the video that shows that jeil wallpaper is washable:

Is it possible to put wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes, wallpaper has its place in the bathroom, but to ensure that it lasts, it is important to choose the right paper and to keep it away from damp walls and the bath.

Is it possible to put wallpaper in the kitchen?

Indeed it is also possible to put wallpaper in the kitchen, just avoid putting it near cooking, grease and damp heat as these will not make your decoration durable.

Is it possible to paint the mouldings?

Yes, it is possible to paint Deco4 mouldings.

Mouldings, are they resistant to humidity?

– Yes, decopolymer mouldings are humidity resistant.

Is it possible to place the mouldings outside?

Yes, it is possible to place them outside if you glue them with a special glue or a nailer.


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