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The History of Cimaises

The term cimaise was first used in the 16th century, during the Italian movement, Mannerism. They were used for decorative purposes, but were also used in museums to hang works of art, and in opera houses as well.

From the beginning, and up to today, picture rails are indispensable in almost every home. They bring a touch of elegance and modernity to the wall where they are placed.

The picture rails have an undeniable aesthetic function

Create unique designs

The picture rails allow you to give life to your walls, by creating different designs on the wall and on the ceiling! Let your imagination run wild and beautify your home.

Visual Transition

Thanks to the chair rails, you can turn your walls into a work of art! You will be able to play on the gradations of color between the bottom of your wall and the top.

Elegance and refinement

A cimaise deco4

Bring a majestic touch to your home, make it like the great castles of the past! of the past! This is possible with Dec4 picture rails, which come in all shapes, sizes and styles from the simplest to the most sculpted.

MATERIAL : Decopolymer

MODELS : 9 Models & 2 Angle Models

DIMENSIONS : Between 25mm and 50mm (height) \ Between 12mm and 17mm (width) \ 36mm (width for the angles)

COLORS : White, silver and gold

STYLES : Simple, and those with more ornaments.

USES : Cimaises, Separation, Door frame


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