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Wall separations

Used since the Victorian Age, wall dividers were used much more among the nobility. They were placed in large dining rooms, and were used to hang the chairs to pass the broom. But nowadays, they represent a majestic element of decoration, which bring to your interior a touch of refinement obviously in addition to the protection of your walls of the various blows of the chairs.

Separations and their role in interior design

Decorate the wall

The wall dividers modernize your walls, and allow a wall transition that allows you to free your imagination in the choice of colors for your walls

Protects walls

The separations have for important function the protection of your walls of the various blows of chairs.

A separation deco4

Deco4 offers you a wide range of wall dividers, which allow you to modernize your

not only to modernize your interior decoration, but also to protect your

but also to protect your walls from the various possible shocks of chairs.

MATERIAL : Decopolymer

MODELS : 11 Models & 2 Paneling models

DIMENSIONS : Between 47mm and 93mm (height) Between 8mm and 22mm (width)

COLORS : White, silver and gold

STYLES: Simple, and those with more ornaments.

USES : Chair rail, Divider, Door frame, Hat


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