An element of decoration

Where do the Cornices come from?

Border, formed by one or more projecting moldings, crowning a wall. Cornices have existed since the Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations. They were considered an essential means of protection and decoration.

In classical architecture, a cornice describes an area or space that overhangs something else. It is the highest horizontal area above the top of a wall or roof line. The cornice is a common feature of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, where it is the highest part of the entablature.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, cornices can be very functional:

The importance of the Cornices

Reflect light in shadow areas

Cornices brighten up the room where they are installed, by reflecting light in the shadows of the room.

Enlarge the room

Cornices tend to draw the eye upward, making a small room seem larger.

Bring style!

In addition to their functionality, cornices add a unique decorative touch to your interior.

A Style of Elegance ....

Cornices deco4

Cornices add dynamism to your interior! The wide variety of models and sizes of cornices

The wide variety of models and sizes of cornices, allows you to adapt them to your room and create works of art!

MATERIAL : Decopolymer

MODELS : 11 Models & 2 LED models

DIMENSIONS : Between 40mm and 130mm (height) \ Between 12mm and 90mm (width)

COLORS: White, silver and gold

STYLES: Simple, and those with more ornaments.

USES : Baseboard, Divider


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