An element of Decoration
The History of Plinths

Why plinths?

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, plinths have important functions:
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Hides small defects

Attached to the walls &have the function of hiding small defects in the installation of floor coverings& the wall.

plinthes 2

Visual transition

They provide a visual transition between the different materials on the floor.

Belle Plinthes, Cimaises et séparation LED dans un salon Chic

Protects walls

Plinths also help protect walls from moisture, dirt and impact.

Bureau avec séparation et plinthes Blanc

Adds a decorative touch

Plinths bring a decorative touch. They come to sublimate the finish of your wall.

Deco4 plinth

A plinth, a style, an elegance

The plinths come to be placed at the bottom of your walls, while bringing them a unique touch!

Deco4 offers a wide range of baseboards in different sizes, models and colors. For suit your walls, and especially to make your house a piece of art.

MATERIAL : Decopolymer

MODELS : 16 models / 2 plinths covers & 2 LED models

DIMENSIONS : Between 60mm and 120mm (height) \ Between 11mm and 19mm (width)

COLORS : White, black, silver and gold

STYLES: Simple, and those with more ornaments.

USES : Plinth, Chamber, Separation, cimaise, chair rail


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