For my interior design, I see life in pink!

In this Pink October, we’re going to give you some ideas to bring a touch of pink to your home decor. Gone are the myths that pink is a color for children, and specifically for girls.

The shades of pink are numerous as well as their uses. Fuchsia pink, candy pink, pale pink, pastel pink, old pink, and so on. Whether you use it sparingly, in small touches here and there, or more boldly. This color will bring softness and dynamism to your decoration.

Add some pink to your interior design:

Don’t panic, by bringing a touch of pink you won’t have to change everything in your interior design. Because this color goes well with almost any color, white, shades of gray and pastel colors. Old pink is ideal for the less illuminated corners of your home, such as a long hallway or your entrance hall. It will bring a touch of calm to the atmosphere of your home.

Pink in all its shades will look great in your living room. Especially if you have wooden furniture or floor, it will be perfect for a rustic decoration. Well applied and highlighted with decorative objects (armchairs, ottomans, cushions, plaids, paintings etc.); the result is sensational for sure. And will give a relaxing side to the restful atmosphere of a bedroom.

As you can see pink is the color that can be placed anywhere in the house. And will always bring that special touch to the room in which it is used. You can use pink even in your bathroom and kitchen. You can opt for some pink accessories, or you can even dare to paint a whole wall in pink. And this will bring brightness to your kitchen and bathroom.

So what are you waiting for to bring the pink shade to your interior decoration. Allow yourself this color and you won’t regret it.

Wait for us for a new article, and other ideas, decoration tips.

Pink October, because we are all concerned!

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