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Installing a cornice, step by step

Dress up your ceiling with cornices

Ceiling cornices come in different styles, from art deco to Moorish to Regency to distill the atmosphere that suits you.

In different materials, they run all around the ceiling to dress it up and finish the room in beauty. The refinement is at the rendezvous for the one who, usually, knows only a stroke of paint for any finish.

The difference between ceiling cornices, besides the style and ornaments they present, is essentially in the material they are made of.

Plaster is the most common material used for ceiling cornices. Exceptionally fine, this material allows you to obtain beautiful results that have the added advantage of resisting time. You can even ask a staffer to create a pattern just for you.

Next is polyurethane. It too has a beautiful finish, but it does not match that of plaster.

Finally, you can opt for polystyrene. Of lower quality, its price is also the lowest. However, beware of the passage of time. Polystyrene does not age well.

You can also choose wooden cornices. For wood, the difficulty lies in the weight. In fact, this material is not suitable for all types of ceilings.

You can also find PVC cornices.

Depending on the model, the cornices can be discreet or on the contrary show themselves clearly. They play on shapes, square or round, and patterns, smooth, decorated or friezes, presenting in turn a very pure style or extremely worked: Louis XV, Louis XVI, contemporary. There are solid or hollow cornices.

Depending on the model, you can place a lighting ramp.

Opt for cornices with lighting systems

By choosing to install LED, neon or spot lighting behind your cornice, you bring warmth and a special atmosphere to your room.

Indirect light is diffused by the transparency of the material diffusing a soft light. You must therefore take care to choose a form of cornice that allows the insertion of a lighting strip and sufficient ventilation. The material must, of course, be heat resistant.

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