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Pimper your interior decoration with mouldings

Mouldings are making a comeback in modern decorating! 2021 was marked by the undeniable success of wallpaper and mouldings.

The art of assembling multiple moldings together and creating custom designs. The possibilities are endless and the effect will undoubtedly amaze you. This article shows you some ideas of molding combinations to inspire you for your interior decoration.

Deco4 offers sophisticated, clean-lined mouldings that will add a touch of style that will instantly transform any room while expressing your personality. Mouldings turn the ordinary into the extraordinary in no time!

Why Use Mouldings?

Choose from a wide variety of wood species and profiles or combine several mouldings to create a unique style, just like you!

The atmosphere and comfort, is an important factor of interior design. Indeed, a well-decorated room allows you to relax properly.

give an original touch to the interior decoration. The moulding is a decoration idea that is very trendy nowadays

Its use also helps to give an exceptional look to every room in the house. Whether you have an old or new building, installing a cornice on the ceiling can make the interior pleasant to live. It can also be placed on the doors of the rooms.

If you want to have a city chic style, opt for the baroque moulding to give a perfectly classic decoration.

While white mouldings used to be very popular, this color is no longer in vogue today. To have a more modern style, choose the cornices with more gaudy patterns. As for the installation of mouldings, the methods have not changed. They must be drawn according to the surface of the ceiling of your room. However, before installing them, it is essential to smooth and clean the ceiling well.

Even though mouldings have existed since Greek and Roman Antiquity, they became very popular during the Renaissance period. A symbol of wealth, wealthy families used them to mark their social class. Later on, mouldings changed radically with the arrival of the Art Deco movement. They are more elegant, more sober, more geometric. In other words, the mouldings are reinvented and used to dress the walls to give contrast and character to all interiors of the 20s. Later, Art Deco opened the door to contemporary decoration and mouldings eventually gave way to interiors with smoother walls.

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